High-Lite, Zebra, Banded, and Ambio Shades

High-Lite Shades, also known as Zebra, Banded, or Ambio Shades are an exciting new way to decorate your window. Made of alternating strips of solid and sheer fabric, they allow you to close them fully, giving you privacy, or open them partially to allow you to see outside while still keeping the blinds down. These modern blinds will look unique and liven up any room. In addition, High-Lite Shades have the option of being motorized, allowing you to control your blinds without the use of a chain or cord, with either a remote control, your phone, or a home automation system. They typically are finished with a fabric wrapped cassette on the head rail, giving the product a clean, modern finish.

Click here to see some examples of motorized High-Lite shades, or visit our motorization page to see all our different motorization options.

Motorized Ambio, High-Lite, and Zebra Shades